Using Wall Sculpture

Contemporary interiors feature clean lines, uncluttered spaces and little ornamentation. As a result it is all too easy to create rooms which lack character, depth and texture.  Large expanses of plain wall are especially bland and so it is crucial to introduce decorative features which draw the eye, form focal points and at least bring some depth and colour to proceedings. Continue reading Using Wall Sculpture

The Importance of Maintaining Your Guttering

Guttering is one aspect of you home that you will barely notice or think about until it gets blocked. When that happens you will certainly notice the consequences and blocked gutters will cause a raft of problems some of which will result in serious damage to the fabric of your home. It is well worth checking your gutters and downpipes regularly to ensure that all is well and to perform any necessary maintenance before an issues get out of hand. Continue reading The Importance of Maintaining Your Guttering

From Crayons to the World’s Best Loved Candles

It is always incredibly heart-warming and encouraging to hear stories of successful companies with the most humble of beginnings. It is nice to know that all of us have the potential to start something big and that incredible things can blossom from simple ideas that really work. Yankee Candles are now the world’s favourite scented candles but they were born out of the financial challenges of being a student. Continue reading From Crayons to the World’s Best Loved Candles

The Power of Presentation

If your food doesn’t taste good then even the most wonderful presentation isn’t going to turn the meal into a triumph. However, there is also no doubt that the way you present your food does make a big difference and can considerably enhance the overall experience for your guests. The good news is that you don’t have to be a creative genius to turn your dining table into a real treat. There is plenty of inspiration out there if you keep your eyes open. Continue reading The Power of Presentation