cat in the window

Strange Cat Behaviour Explained

Cats are wonderful pets and they possess remarkably individual personalities. Every cat has its quirky ways but there are certain behaviours which may seem odd but which are exhibited by most felines. A few of these habits may have surprised and confused you!

Chattering at Birds

You might have observed your cat making a strange sound when they see a bird. This can appear to be like a clicking noise and seems to be coming from their throat. Experts are divided as to why cats do this. Some believe the behaviour is a sign of frustration at not being able to capture the bird and others think it is a reflex response which prepares their muscles for the kill.

Unwelcome Presents From Your Cat

It is never a particularly edifying moment when your furry friend decides to drop a dead mouse at your feet or, even worse, on your bed. Most cats seem to feel the need to bring their owners a special gift from time to time. This habit may be the result of the cat’s desire to share their hunt with you, recognising you as a member of their group. Feral cats hunt for their food and if they have had enough to eat will sometimes take kills back to the rest of their colony.

A Love of Boxes

Your cat will probably have plenty of comfortable places to sit and sleep and yet may have a tendency to squeeze themselves into a small box or even into the bathroom sink. This behaviour is instinctive and reflects the cat’s need for security in the wild. They don’t like sleeping in the open as this leaves them vulnerable to attack and they will always seek out concealed and elevated positions.

Rubbing and Head-butting

Your cat will often rub up against you and will nudge you with their head. This is a display of affection and enables them to mark you with their scent. By releasing the pheromones from their head and depositing them on you they are identifying you as their owner and giving you their seal of approval.

Monopolising Your Reading Matter

Have you ever been trying to read a magazine or newspaper only for your cat to plonk themselves down right in the middle of it? They might also have a tendency to sit on your keyboard when you are trying to use it. This behaviour can be extremely annoying but is your cat showing that they want to be near you. When you are relaxed, your cat also feels relaxed and when they want your attention they seem to understand that the best way to get it is to stop you concentrating on something else!


The Unwelcome Bottom

Does your cat sometimes jump up onto your lap and then turn so that they can present their bottom to you? This may be an unwelcome sight but your cat is offering you the equivalent of a friendly handshake. You don’t need to reciprocate! Just give them a stroke to say thanks.