Outdoor toys; The best choices for your garden

As the weather warms up many of us will look to give our gardens a refresh and restyle. For those that have kids it might also be time to buy some outdoor toys, the type that will keep them entertained and out in the fresh air.

But what do you go for? There are a variety of different kinds of outdoor toys to pick from and the choice really does depend on the age and interests of your little one as well as the space that you have to spare.

What child doesn’t love the fun that only a slide and swing can bring?


As much fun as it is, there is a good chance that a trip to the beach isn’t on the cards for every day of the summer. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to build a sandcastle or two. There are a variety of sand pits available to buy for your garden, meaning that you can bring the beach to your home.

Many of them are also combined with paddling pools so that you can really have a splashing good time and all from the comfort of your own home.

Outdoor toys

Slides and Swings

Mean frequent trips to your local park, if you decide to buy your very own playground equipment then you won’t have to go any further than your own backyard.

They come in a variety of sizes ideal for toddlers right up to older children although you should always check that the equipment will fit within your garden space before you buy.


Trampolines have become one of the most popular outdoor toys. They are not only great fun but they are also suitable for all ages (even the biggest kids) meaning that they can grow with your child.

It is important to remember that trampolines, especially the larger ones, can be bulky and take up space in your garden; therefore, if you are going to purchase one, be aware that it will limit the room that you have in the rest of the garden.


Nerf Toys

If you don’t mind a bit of rough and tumble, then Nerf is the ideal outdoor toy for your family. Suitable for both girls and boys these kid friendly foam disc and bullet blasters are great fun and are not only ideal for your own garden but can be packed away to take on that summer camping holiday too.

Ball games

When it comes to outside games you don’t always have to opt for the big and bold. Instead you can pick up one of the huge varieties of ball games that are available. Swingball, football or simply just a bat and ball; they are a great way to come together and interact as a family. They will keep you all fit too!

Playhouses and tents

Children love having their own space and this is just as true in the garden as it is for the home. If you have the room to spare, then a playhouse or tent is sure to become one of your child’s favourite places to play.

Whether you go for a simple tent or perhaps a large double storey playhouse; these are great additions to your home.

Who knows how long the summer will last? Get out there and enjoy it as best you can! Whether you are playing with balls or water, there is so much fun to be had in the great outdoors