From Crayons to the World’s Best Loved Candles

It is always incredibly heart-warming and encouraging to hear stories of successful companies with the most humble of beginnings. It is nice to know that all of us have the potential to start something big and that incredible things can blossom from simple ideas that really work. Yankee Candles are now the world’s favourite scented candles but they were born out of the financial challenges of being a student.

Inspired Gift

Back in 1969 seventeen year old student Mike Kittredge was in trouble because he needed to buy a gift for his mother but didn’t have any money to buy one with. He was forced to resort to his own creative skills and made a candle out of melted wax crayons. Before he had a chance to present the candle to his mother a neighbour saw it and was so impressed that Kittredge was persuaded to sell his precious gift. All was not lost, however, as he used the money to make two further candles, one for his mother and one to sell. The first chapter of the Yankee Candle story had been written.

Attention Grabbers

Kittredge had transformed the merely functional into an interesting decorative piece that immediately grabbed the attention. Today the Yankee Candle range is an incredibly diverse collection of decorative pieces with stunning fragrances that offers something for all tastes and every season.

Matching Your Mood

Whether you are in need of a lift, something to relax you, a dose of nostalgia or a tantalising aroma to welcome visitors then the Yankee Candle range will feature the perfect look and fragrance. If you are celebrating Christmas, creating the right atmosphere for Halloween or just looking to make your home smell gorgeous then you will find what you need in the Yankee Candle collection.

New Collections

Yankee Candles are something of collector’s items too with devotees always anxious to get their hands on new fragrances and blends. Yankee follow trends closely in order to evolve the right fragrances for the times and so whatever is hot you can be sure to find it in a Yankee Candle. 2015 will see the introduction of a new collection entitled Café Culture which perfectly complements our love of the coffee shop.

More than Candles

Yankee Candles hit on a winning formula of great designs partnered by the right fragrances and then stayed ahead of the game by keeping in tune with changing tastes. The range now also features a number of flameless options including electric wax melt warmers, room sprays and fragrances for the car ensuring that fans of the brand can enjoy their favourite aromas anywhere and anytime. Yankee Candles have a huge fan base and continue to go from strength to strength with no sign of their momentum faltering.

A young student solved a difficult problem with a little craft and ingenuity. His efforts resulted in the founding of a highly regarded global brand. I must go and see what is lurking in my cupboards in case I get struck but a great idea!

Article by Sally Stacey