Using Wall Sculpture

Contemporary interiors feature clean lines, uncluttered spaces and little ornamentation. As a result it is all too easy to create rooms which lack character, depth and texture.  Large expanses of plain wall are especially bland and so it is crucial to introduce decorative features which draw the eye, form focal points and at least bring some depth and colour to proceedings.


Feature walls can be created with bold, striking wallpapers but this does make future redecoration more labour intensive and wallpaper isn’t for everyone. Paint effects are very much a thing of the past so the obvious way forward is to use art.

Paintings and Prints

These days buying the right pictures for your home is so much easier than it used to be.  You can find a truly enormous array of images online and these can be printed to a size of your choosing. You can select the perfect frame to match your decorative scheme and even the depth and colour of the mounts. Some online retailers even have systems which provide a mock-up of your room in the right colours with your chosen picture hanging on the wall so you can see exactly what it will look like in your home. This has all made finding the right art a bit of a breeze but there are other options to consider.

A striking Alternative

Wall sculpture is an exciting alternative to a painting that will add flair and individuality to your home. Wall sculptures bring depth and form to a space with interesting designs and imaginative use of shape and materials. The simplicity of many sculptures lends itself to the modern interior and metallic or wooden elements bring subtle texture and colour to the work.

Sculptures somehow bring more life to a space than a two dimensional image. Their appearance is transformed by the changing light and so they can offer many different effects throughout the day. No two people will respond to a work in the same way and so sculpture is always a talking point and wall sculptures work their magic without taking up any valuable space in the room.

The Right Piece

Leading interior designers have been setting the trend for using wall sculptures and in consequence more pieces are becoming available. It is possible to get your hands on some great designs that don’t cost the earth because they are not one off original works. When you have sourced a suitable piece you must display it to the greatest effect. Choose a plain wall which does not have other adornments. Preferably position your sculpture where it will be seen by anyone who enters the space and where it will be illuminated by both natural and artificial light at different times of day.

You will find that your sculpture really draws the eye and changes the whole personality of the room. The form, colour and texture of the piece will all work their magic and your once characterless wall will come alive whilst changing with the light. Simple shapes, angular forms and metallic features combined in a skilful design will create a piece that will enhance your home without taking up floor space. You will be amazed what can be achieved with just one work of art.

Article by Sally Stacey