The Importance of Maintaining Your Guttering

Guttering is one aspect of you home that you will barely notice or think about until it gets blocked. When that happens you will certainly notice the consequences and blocked gutters will cause a raft of problems some of which will result in serious damage to the fabric of your home. It is well worth checking your gutters and downpipes regularly to ensure that all is well and to perform any necessary maintenance before an issues get out of hand.

The Potential Damage

It is essential that water can flow freely along your gutters, through downpipes and into the drainage system. Blocked gutters will lead to rotting fascia boards and this can lead to wall and ceiling damage. Blocked gutters will result in overflows and these will damage your brickwork, pointing and paintwork. The damage to the brickwork and pointing could lead to damp in your home. Blocked gutters can become overloaded under the weight of accumulated debris and water. They can then break free from the building with water running everywhere. If this happens when you are not at home the damage will continue to escalate until your return.

The Causes

There are several reasons why gutters become blocked. A simple build-up of silt could be the problem as could moss growing and an accumulation of leaves and twigs. Dead birds also often fall into gutters causing an obstruction which is then made worse by other debris.


Blocked gutters not only cause damage to your building they can also damage your garden and contribute to local flooding as the excess water runs over the land rather than entering the drainage system.

Preventative Measures

Prevention is much better than cure when it comes to your gutters. Most of the potential issues can be easily avoided. Installing gutter guards and flo grid covers will certainly help and you should perform regular inspections of your entire rainwater systems. Look for blockages, remove any debris and check all gutters and downpipes for cracks and leaks. Ensure that all elements have watertight connections and that no brackets are coming away from the walls.

Bring in the Professionals

If you do not have ladders or lack the confidence to climb them then do bring in professionals to inspect your systems. This relatively small investment could save you a fortune in repairs further down the line and you can’t put a price on peace of mind. Well maintained rainwater systems will also help if you are trying to sell your home.

We all spend a great deal of time and effort decorating and furnishing our homes. We lavish great attention on every detail but all of our good work can be ruined if we fail to adequately maintain the exterior of the home. Gutters are not the most interesting feature of any house but they are one which can cause immense damage to the things that we really value. Most troubles can be avoided by occasional inspections and a little maintenance.

Article by Sally Stacey