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Dream House or Nightmare Home?

Many people harbour dreams of finding a property in need of renovation and transforming it into a perfect home. It is easy to get carried away with the dream of that charming period home restored to its former glory but such projects shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. Property renovation is hard work, it is fraught with difficulties and it will often produce nasty surprises. Your dream could quickly turn into a nightmare when your project becomes a money pit or you discover that it is impossible to fulfil your vision. Continue reading Dream House or Nightmare Home?

The Importance of Maintaining Your Guttering

Guttering is one aspect of you home that you will barely notice or think about until it gets blocked. When that happens you will certainly notice the consequences and blocked gutters will cause a raft of problems some of which will result in serious damage to the fabric of your home. It is well worth checking your gutters and downpipes regularly to ensure that all is well and to perform any necessary maintenance before an issues get out of hand. Continue reading The Importance of Maintaining Your Guttering