Discover Outdoor Dining Whatever The Weather

BBQ Party – Weather Dependent…

If you are lucky enough to have a garden as part of your home then you will probably be enjoying this extra space in the warmer months. There is nothing better than getting the BBQ out and relaxing outside while catching some brief sunshine. The garden is an extension of your house and offers extra space for entertaining without the worry of guests being squished on the sofa together or dotted around a room on a random collection of chairs. However with the typical British weather, our plans for a perfect afternoon in the garden can often be dampened and our ‘summer’ seasons often feel over before they have really begun.

No one really wants to struggle through a BBQ in bad weather and about the only time we really persevere is in the winter months on occasions such as Bonfire Night – when a warm burger goes down quite well in the cold!

Top Timber Solution!

Now what if you could extend those BBQ months and have more opportunity to use your outdoor space year round for entertaining or simply relaxing? Sounds good right? Some people might try gazebos to offer some protection from the elements and others might even covert a shed as a hide out, but there is something else that I have come across that offers a more permanent and perfectly suited solution for outdoor dining that looks fantastic too.

Having travelled to Finland a few years ago I discovered the Finnish BBQ hut (may also be known as a grillikota). It was after an exhilarating but rather cold husky sledging trip (well it was around -20 degrees Celsius!) that I was taken to a beautiful timber hut in the snowy woods with an adorable front door and a smoking chimney. As soon as I opened the door the warmth inside enveloped me – it was coming from a crackling fire in the centre and I gratefully started to thaw out. Accepting a wooden cup of warm beverage I collapsed onto the fur covered seats that ran around the fire. It was one of those moments where you felt completely cosy and secure, and I could have quite happily stayed there for the rest of the day!

The more I thought about it, the more the idea of having my very own timber BBQ hut in my British garden made sense. They offer an additional room to the home, which can be used for entertaining or as a kids den, or even a space for adults to escape to read a good book, without the need for potentially expensive, messy and disruptive building work that comes with an extension. They look fabulous, almost like something from a fairy tale and make a great talking point with visitors (pretty sure none of my neighbours have one!). The BBQ huts can be used all year round offering a double glazed shelter and warmth if the weather turns and are perfect for dining as they have a BBQ grill in the middle and chimney to keep the hut clear of smoke.

As I sat there with a husky pup on my lap, I could just imagine my friends faces when I invited them over for a Christmas BBQ hut party or spending time in one for a romantic evening meal.  I realise that my next steps when I got home would be to clear up my garden (it is a bit over run and under loved) and add a BBQ hut to my wish list!