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From Crayons to the World’s Best Loved Candles

It is always incredibly heart-warming and encouraging to hear stories of successful companies with the most humble of beginnings. It is nice to know that all of us have the potential to start something big and that incredible things can blossom from simple ideas that really work. Yankee Candles are now the world’s favourite scented candles but they were born out of the financial challenges of being a student. Continue reading From Crayons to the World’s Best Loved Candles

How to Fragrance Your Home

It doesn’t matter how nicely you decorate your home if the general ambiance is ruined by unpleasant smells. This is a particularly important issue if you are trying to sell your property or are anxious to make a great for impression for any reason. Even if you don’t suffer from nasty niffs, it is always better to welcome visitors with a pleasing aroma and life is much more pleasant for you if you are surrounded by your favourite scents. Continue reading How to Fragrance Your Home