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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

When I was cleaning my house the other day I found myself marvelling at the number of mirrors that feature in my home. This thought probably should have occurred to me before but the lamentable infrequency of my housework and the functional nature of mirrors have clearly led to me take mirrors for granted. This is slightly odd as I clearly chose each piece in the first place! Continue reading Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Making the Most of a Small Dining room

Many homes have small dining rooms or open plan areas with limited dining space. This can present major problems in accommodating the furniture and storage you need and can result in a room that feels cluttered or claustrophobic.  There is nothing more annoying than having to slither around the furniture in a room or for one area in the home to let down the overall look. However, there are things that you can do to make the most of a small dining space. Continue reading Making the Most of a Small Dining room

The Problem with Small Halls

The hall can be the most difficult room in the house to decorate and furnish. Halls are often awkwardly shaped, small or narrow which can leave you scratching your head in despair as you attempt to evolve a decorative scheme and layout that will prove to be both practical and visually appealing. As the hall is a space that you tend to pass through rather than occupy, it is all too tempting to devote only minimal attention to the room. However, it is the first room that visitors see when they enter your home and so it is worth spending the time and effort to achieve something special. Continue reading The Problem with Small Halls