Mirror Mirror on the Wall

When I was cleaning my house the other day I found myself marvelling at the number of mirrors that feature in my home. This thought probably should have occurred to me before but the lamentable infrequency of my housework and the functional nature of mirrors have clearly led to me take mirrors for granted. This is slightly odd as I clearly chose each piece in the first place!

Essential Mirrors

Obviously every home needs some mirrors as it is rather difficult to get dressed and to do your makeup without one. We all like to inspect ourselves before leaving home to ensure that we look our best and in my case to check that I haven’t got toothpaste all over my face! However I was astonished to realise that I have almost as many mirrors as I have rooms. It is impossible to traverse my home without grabbing several glimpses of myself but of course mirrors are not just about checking out your image.

Useful Mirrors

I am well aware that mirrors serve several useful purposes in the home. They are one of the simplest was to introduce more light into a space. Position a mirror in the right place and even the darkest of rooms can be transformed. Mirrors also create a sense of space which can be crucial in small, modern homes in which space is always at a premium.  Decorative mirrors are a great way to add interest, texture and colour to your home too.

Useful and attractive though mirrors undoubtedly are, most of mine arrived in my home due to my lack of imagination and complete inability to visualise how furnishings will work unless I can see them in situ. This failing usually leaves me staring at my walls wondering what on earth I am going to hang there to fill the space. I then look at various forms of art and inevitably fail to see what would work and what wouldn’t. This interlude is then followed by the decision to hang a mirror because their simplicity pretty much guarantees that they will look right and won’t clash with other decorative features in the room.

Accidental Mirror

You really can’t go wrong with a mirror except perhaps in having too many although I don’t think that I have reached that point just yet. In fact, I had rested my case on wall hangings until I ordered some new furniture for the living room. The furniture company were kind enough to offer a free gift with my order which turned out to be, of all things, a large mirror. I had to laugh and initially thought that I would have to sell it but then realised that my hall was looking rather bland and could do with something on the wall.

That free mirror looks great in the hall and has brightened up the space. How typical that when I didn’t have to think about it or ponder over style, I end up with the perfect piece for the space! So much for my interior design skills!

Article by Sally Stacey