Making the Most of a Small Dining room

Many homes have small dining rooms or open plan areas with limited dining space. This can present major problems in accommodating the furniture and storage you need and can result in a room that feels cluttered or claustrophobic.  There is nothing more annoying than having to slither around the furniture in a room or for one area in the home to let down the overall look. However, there are things that you can do to make the most of a small dining space.

Choose the Right Table

It is your table that will take up the most space and which can easily overpower a room but on the other hand you do want to be able to seat your family and guests. One way around the problem is to choose an extending table.  When not extended the table will occupy less space but you will still have the option of seating more people when required. Another great trick is to feature a round table. Round tables seat more people versus the surface area and the shape will soften the edges of the room.

Choose the Best Seating

Chunky, heavy furnishings are more intrusive than pieces with open backs and light frames.  Steer away from solid backs and heavy fabrics and opt for simple chairs which slide under the table when not in use. For really small spaces fit bench seating to one corner of the room or into a niche or bay window to make use of every available inch.

Look Up

When floor space is at a premium then the only way is up! Use your walls to create storage solutions rather than cluttering the floor with sideboards and cabinets. Fit several shelves or use tall floor standing furniture to make the most of your vertical space. Make use of any awkward areas like recesses and alcoves by positioning your storage solutions in what is otherwise wasted space.

Get Clever with Colour

The darker the room, the small the space will appear to be so paint the walls in light, neutral tones and add accent colour with your accessories. Choose furniture in light woods or colours and dress the windows with airy fabrics in lighter shades. Keep things as minimal as possible and avoid using too many bold patterns.

Create an Illusion

You can’t make a room bigger but you can make it look more spacious by featuring a large wall mirror. Mirrors are a great choice for dining rooms as they create the illusion of space and reflect light around the room for an airier feel. Mirrors can also be a good alternative to wall art as this can overly dominate the space.

A small dining area can appear to be a major challenge but it doesn’t have to be.  Plan carefully before you invest in costly furnishings by making templates from card and positioning them in the room to get a sense of how each piece will fit. By using a few clever tricks you can create a practical yet appealing space.

Article by Sally Stacey