A Décor Dispute

I had become rather ashamed of the spare bedroom in my home which had not been decorated for at least a decade and was looking tired and dated. Actually I have no idea what I was thinking of when I last decorated it. The room was overly dark and a little oppressive. As my friend was about to move into it I felt that it was time for an overhaul but I needed to decide what look would be appropriate.

Nautical Theme

I was expecting a lively debate on that subject as my friend generally has very different taste to my own. I fancied a nautical theme and had visions of a bright and breezy New England style affair. I was rather stunned when he suggested that he would like exactly that. I breathed a huge sigh of relief but did not realise that I wasn’t out of the woods yet!

There was no argument about my choice of mainly white walls with one papered in blue and white stripes. We quickly agreed on the simple white furniture and solid wood floor that I fancied and he even accepted my choice of bed linen and soft furnishings. I added a few nautically themed accessories which we both liked and all was going well. There was a minor dispute over a mat for the floor which resulted in no mat at all but the room was completed quickly and looked fabulous. I just felt that it needed something on the walls to add character and interest. An appropriate print seemed like the perfect solution.

Artistic Endeavour

I started looking online for the right picture and that is when the trouble started! My friend was really quite resistant to the idea of a picture and totally hated everything that I suggested. I was sure that a Ron Lawson print would be a great solution. His compositions are simple coastal scenes and I found a series of prints which featured isolated white cottages against blue and grey skies. These were rejected and so I suggested a lovely Jane Hewlett picture of beach huts which my friend thought was awful. Poster art was also scorned.

In consequence the room remained as it was for several months. I had rather given up on the idea of dressing the walls but then one day I returned home to find that a decision had been made in my absence. Why not? It is only my house after all! I was somewhat surprised to find that one wall now featured a carefully mounted snowboard! I pointed out that snow sports were rarely enjoyed at the beach and that a surf board might have been a better fit!

snowboard2 (1250x938)

Apparently the room is now a “fusion” interior design that reflects his diverse interests! Fudge is more the word I had in mind. The snowboard looks OK and I suppose you could say that it is a unique look. The whole episode did teach me that no two people have the same taste and whatever you do in your home it is unlikely to be quite as appealing to others as it is to you. Each to his own!

Article by Sally Stacey