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A Guide to Freestanding Baths

The bath tub is the focal point of the bathroom and so your choice of tub will always define the look of your room. Freestanding baths will bring a touch of luxury to your home and will help to create a unique look which you can be proud of. But you may have thought that a freestanding bath would be beyond your means. Think again!

Sophisticated and Glamorous

There is no doubt that a freestanding tub adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to your home. The luxurious looks may have left you feeling that these chic baths are the preserve of the rich, but not so. Freestanding baths can be an extremely affordable option. Their popularity has seen the introduction of exciting styles in different sizes and fashioned from a variety of materials. There are stylish yet affordable options which just might be perfect for your space.

rolltop freestanding baths

Size Matters

Whilst you may be able to accommodate a striking freestanding bath in your budget, the tub must also be a suitable size for your room. Space can be at a premium in bathrooms but there are smaller freestanding baths which could suit. However, it is important to realise that a freestanding tub needs at least a little space around it in order to highlight its wonderful form. If your bath is squeezed into too tight a space, its beauty and impact will be considerably diminished.

You should also think about the weight of your favoured styles of tub, both empty and full. Your rafters must be able to take the weight of the bath if it is upstairs. If you are in any doubt, seek expert advice.


Freestanding baths are available in a surprisingly diverse range of styles. Traditional roll top and slipper baths are the perfect addition to a period bathroom but there are striking contemporary designs which create a fabulous centrepiece for a more modern bathroom. There will be a freestanding bath to complement the aesthetics of your particular home. The baths can stand directly on the floor, on feet, on cradles or on plinths to add yet another dimension to your design scheme.


When freestanding baths initially became a feature of domestic households, homes did not feature plumbing and so the baths did not have taps fitted to them.  They were filled using jugs or buckets. Today many styles retain the period look and so require the addition of freestanding or wall mounted taps. If space is a challenge then the location of your taps is a further consideration.

Boost the Value of Your Home

Your bathroom should certainly be created with your needs and taste in mind. However, a great bathroom is a significant selling point for your home when it is time for you to move on. Like beautiful kitchens, a stylish bathroom is sure to please potential buyers. A freestanding bath provides an aspirational look which will appeal to most buyers and so could raise the value of your home.

The leading bathroom ranges including Heritage, Ideal Standard and Burlington offer a wonderful selection of freestanding baths. Don’t rule out fitting one until you have explored your options!

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